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We are a property consultancy, helping exceptionally discerning clients to find, purchase, or build types of overseas and onshore property.
Be it a second home in the mountains, a renovation project on the coast, the purchase of investment property, we make the process easy. We differ from estate agents in that we only ever represent the your of the transaction, offering peace of mind and absolute independence.
Simply put, we find, build or renovate the very best luxury or investment property for the most demanding investors.

Services: Services


The purchase of any property in an unfamiliar market can be a daunting prospect for even the most sophisticated investor. We try to make the process as easy and painless as possible, whilst ensuring all our clients are treated with the utmost respect and discretion.

We are aware of the importance of your time and promise not to waste it.

  • Following a no obligation meeting in a location of your choice, we will commence the property search process by discreetly consulting a trusted network of advisors, contacts and owners. We will then view the properties on your behalf and prepare multimedia dossiers on each property we think you should view. If you don’t find one you like, we will refine our search and continue the process.

  • Once we have agreed a shortlist of properties, we will arrange the viewings. This includes liaising with you, or your assistants to plan your bespoke specialised trip, including travel arrangements, airport collection, and overnight accommodation if required.

  • When we find the perfect property for you, we undertake detailed background research to allow us to negotiate the very best deal. The transaction is then structured in conjunction with your advisors, to incorporate appropriate tax advice, funding, local legal representation and property related checks and inspections.

  • You may also need management. Here we can offer tailored bespoke solutions and arrange any changes you might like to make to the property.


Whether you are looking for a second home or an investment project, the property may require alteration, upgrading or personalisation.

Undertaking construction or renovations in a foreign country can, if badly handled, be an expensive minefield. Not only do we have extensive knowledge regarding local planning procedures and administration, but we also have relationships with the most experienced and respected architects, interior designers, site managers and construction companies.

In conjunction with your project team, we act as your representative on site, which broadly speaking would encompass:

  • Working with your chosen architect to realise the most appropriate design for your circumstances

  • Advising on the appointment of local contractors and design teams

  • Reviewing budgets and quotes and managing the project financing

  • Assisting with the planning process

  • Monitoring the construction as your personal impartial representative, by attending site meetings, monitoring the time planning, sending you comprehensive site and progress reports along with photos and short videos and advising you on the appropriateness of contractor stage payments

  • Preparing and managing ongoing and final snag lists


We have broad experience in the management of all types of property from large commercial sites to individual chalets.

With this in mind, we can tailor property management packages based on your detailed requirements. In reality there is not a great deal we can’t arrange, but our services broadly include:

  • Lease negotiation and advice

  • Ongoing property maintenance and repairs

  • Financial record keeping and liaison with both local and overseas tax advisors

  • Inventory and record keeping.

  • Utility management

  • Staff recruitment

  • Establishment and management of your holiday letting business

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